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Crystale Rinse Aid 500 ml
Total Action Rinse Aid with a special formula which accelerates drying. Prevents streaking and un..
As low as: £1.88
Dish Cloths 16" x 12" (Pack of 10)
Dish Cloths 16" x 12" (Pack of 10) ..
As low as: £1.66
Fairy Washing Up Liquid 500ml
An iconic British brand, Fairy liquid is the UK’s most popular washing up liquid. Sold in conveni..
As low as: £1.19
Finish Dishwasher Salt 2kg
Finish Dishwasher Salt is your dishwasher's best friend. Hard water deposits reduce your dis..
As low as: £1.88
Finish Dishwasher Tablets (90 per box)
Sold in packs of 90 tablets per box. The Finish Powerball Dishwasher Tablet soaks and softens..
As low as: £15.25
Glass Wash Liquid Detergent 5 Litres
A powerful detergent for machine glasswashing that removes stubborn stains and soils and leaves a..
As low as: £5.21
Machine Dishwash Detergent 5 litres
A machine dishwash detergent that removes soiling and food deposits   Dishi is a cle..
As low as: £5.33
Mini Check Cotton Tea Towels (Pack of 10)
100% Cotton Tea Towels, pack of 10.  Each towel is 46 x 68cm and lightweight. ..
As low as: £3.71
Rinse Aid 5 Litres
A rinse additive for all automatic dish and glass washing machines. Prevents spots and hazing on ..
As low as: £5.27
Scouring Sponges 4" x 6" (Pack of 10)
Scouring Sponges 4" x 6" (Pack of 10).  These cleaning sponges come complete with a fixe..
As low as: £1.43
Striped Dishcloth (Pack of 10)
Colour Coded Striped Stockinette Dishcloth (available in blue, red, green, yellow). Minimum 75% C..
As low as: £2.00
UB40 Super Concentrated Washing Up Liquid (4 x 2 litres)
UB40 is a super-concentrated washing-up detergent, which is fragrance-free and contains an advanc..
Vanquish Oven Cleaner 1 Litre
A heavy duty, clear liquid gel designed for the rapid removal of grease and charred food debris. ..
As low as: £2.75
Washing Up Liquid 5 Litre
Washing Up Liquid, 15%. A highly active neutral and biodegradable detergent for the washing ..
As low as: £3.44
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